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SadWhiteRaven has started a donation pool!
117 / 2,000
Fuel for my current PARPG obsession. Hybrid potions~

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Point Commissions:
(These can be any character/scene, so long as it's neither mechanical nor pornographic, 1-2 characters, for personal, non transferable, non-commercial use, unless otherwise negotiated. )

Flat Headshot: 1500 pts / (+ shading = 2000) / (drawing only = 1000) / (sketchy - 40%)
Flat Fullbody: 3500 pts/ ( + shaded + 4500) / (drawing only = 2500) / (sketchy - 30%)
 - Special!: Quick Shaded Headshots: 750 pts!
 - Couples: 2x

Slots: (2 - 3 max?)

    Form: (Note or Reply)
Reference image/Description: (of the character you want drawn. )
Description of your Request: ( full/head/flat color/ect, personality tips (preferred), pose, style, line color, ect (optional) )


PARPG EXP Commissions:
Quick careless commissions for the sole purpose of giving exp to a pokemon in the Pokemon ARPG group. Quality is not a concern, only efficiency!

Exp Option 1: This guy ( ) is a mean little punk, going around causing trouble, and your pokemon is his next target. The drawing will involve him either attacking your pokemon or playing a prank, unless otherwise specified.
Exp Option 2: No prompt, just one or more drawings of your pokemon of choice for the EXP amount specified.

Ref: (of the pokemon you want drawn)
EXP: (amount of EXP, attacks to learn, ect)
Optional: ( How your pokemon would react to an attack/prank (if applicable), Deadline (several days+ please!), or other specifics, if any.)
Offer: (what you are offering in exchange, select from below, or negotiate)

    Pokemon or breedings: (* means preferred. Hybrids may also work, ask! )
- Skiddo/Gogoat (pending breeding note )
- Litleo*
- Luxio* or Shinx
- Archen/Archeops* (owed by Zaira-Wolfe - pending transfer)
- Growlithe/Arcanine*  (also from Zaira-Wolfe - pending transfer)
- Litwick/Chandelure*
- Electrike/Manectric
- Fletchling/Fletchinder/Talonflame (higher lvl/po only, I now have a starter)
- Dragonair
- Male Skarmory with 25+ lvl/Po, or breeding to Thea ( )  to 25+ combined male

Hybrid potion*
Magic potion
Points/in-game giftcards ( I'd honestly prefer a good pokemon, but Hybrid Potions can be bought with points!)

Buying with: 
33 points (real)
20 Points (Giftcard)
1 Gender Swap
3 TMs

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nokigaara Featured By Owner 22 hours ago
just as a little note i sent over your gastly and if im right my clutch pic gives him 3 exp so have fun ^^
SadWhiteRaven Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
Thank you!
nokigaara Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
sure thing ^.^ do you like him??
SadWhiteRaven Featured By Owner 12 hours ago
Yes! I was worried he wouldn't be approved, with that red-violet -like color, but he was, it's great!
(1 Reply)
nokigaara Featured By Owner 4 days ago
your good at choosing who would be what.... so what pokemon/ pokemon hybrid would make shura from blue exorcist
SadWhiteRaven Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago
It depends on what kind of things you want to draw, and what your aesthetics are like. Do you want a more animal like design, or more humanoid? She has pink and yellow hair, pouty lips, a snake theme, a sword, and is a scantily clad swordswoman. You might want to include all of those, or pick a few. You could get lips, hair and colors from smoochum and snakeness and colors from ekans/arbok. Meinfoo the battle weazle is another option for bipedalism and color, and medicham is an option for bipedalism, lips, and color. When she isn't kicking butt, she's a bit like slaking/slakoff. If you wanted her to look like a certain kind of animal, something like pyroar or ursaring/pangoro could be crossed with one/some of the above for cat and bear. Even something like Kirilia could be used for hair and human like body shape, because you only need color from one parent if that one has all the right colors. The sword could easily be an accessory, but honedge could pass too.
nokigaara Featured By Owner 4 days ago
if i went with the pyroar desing (yay pyroars are awesome ^^) should i mix her with anything?
SadWhiteRaven Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Hmm...I'd go with Ekans?  (Maybe she could have a snake tail like one of the versions of a chimera has?). If not Smoochum has close colors and the right sort of hair. I think Arbok/Pyroar/Smoochum would be a sure combo for a pyroar like-hybrid for Shura (but it'd take two breedings, and two potions).

On closer inspection, Pyroar's mane colors are pretty close to her hair's, and I think Pyroar's mane can be worn in different ways like hair(though I'm not sure how much it can differ). You probably wouldn't have to mix pyroar with anything if you didn't want to, though there are more marking/form restrictions on non mutated pokemon. You have to make a design and check with the mods to see if it was acceptable?

Good News! The clutch had one shinx, and one boy, so I'll hold him for you until I get a growlithe! ^^
(1 Reply)
NeonicFire Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tagged chu :3
PineRain Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the +Watch! :D
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