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Adrain Beast Form Ref Sheet by SadWhiteRaven Adrain Beast Form Ref Sheet by SadWhiteRaven
A very rough ref sheet for the beast form of my character Adrian, a terrible eye-candy magic hybrid whatchamacallit from fantasy space.

- Size: approx 100-120lbs, maybe 2.5 foot at shoulder?
- The luminescence of his cyan markings can be dimmed or flared at will. (Maybe flat powdery white-blue when non luminescent?)
- The fruit is just to demonstrate dexterity.
- Personality: In the current incarnation of the pseudo storyline in my head, Adrian isn't wearing this form by choice, so he's more likely to be irritable, surly, petulant, broody, ect, but also more likely to go on a small killing spree or two if the opportunity and right stimuli occur, since it'd been quite a while since he was capable of killing anything. Unfortunately he'd begun to develop something of a conscience in that period, so it's not nearly the fun it had been in the past. Other character traits include being manipulative, immature, and arrogant.
- He can be vain, and wouldn't be above embellishing this form in the right situation, so it's design is fairly changeable and open to interpretation. Also it's a very rough reference so ... ^^'
- Though there are no definite plans in place for him to use this form in his youth, as a child he was free spirited, adventurous, unrepentant, cheerful, scrappy, and very sure of his personal strength.
-Cub/Adult concepts :… : and :… :

Oct 19, 2013 : I've started drawing him with a dark(mane colored) whisker-pad edge like puma and caracal's have, so I updated the ref. Other examples: [… ] , [… ] , [… ]

Edit: new composite sheet:
frozen-butter Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love the tail and eyes, coloring is fantastic and though he seems thin, he is very lean/athletic.
SadWhiteRaven Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012
Thank you! I was hoping to end up with a leggy, adolescent look, which I don't know if I achieved, but lean/athletic is an acceptable result, too. I didn't want to have him look like a lion in build, since I always draw him more wolfish than any terrestrial feline has a right to be, but maybe I overdid it. ^^'
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September 4, 2012
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